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Alice has a new boyfriend!



For those of you worried about Alice the truck, we are pleased to provide an update to satisfy all of your concerns.  It sounds like she is truly happy.

Here’s an email we received this week from her new Dad.


So you know, Alice had to take an emergency trip to Dallas over the weekend.  I had to get there FAST, but then had to get HOME quick too, and with a full load of Ashley’s stuff from her Mom’s.

I don’t know how it is in your neck of the woods man, but here sometimes you have to be really careful buying used cars from strangers.  Just wanted you to know that she’s been EVERYTHING AND MORE than you said she was…she handled 1500 miles in about 30 hours w/out a squeak, rattle, burble, flop, or any other sound you can think of.  Once I took off the seat cover and found THAT little squeak in the seat frame, you can’t tell the difference between riding in that one or a new one.

Thanks again Phil.  Best to you and your family for the holidays, and if we ever make it “down under” we’ll look you up. J

OH…did you get the picture I sent you of Alice and her new younger boyfriend?

He’s a ported, polished, blueptrinted, race-cammed and NITROUS VTX 1800 ….lol  He’s quite popular w/ the ladies…..hahaha

I’ve attached it just in case…..

Cheers –



Alice and her new boyfriend

Alice and her new boyfriend


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