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An American Tradition

gracieThis week was the week of Thanksgiving.
On Thanksgiving Day we went to the Wassons house. They are our friends from Church. We stayed there for some drinks. I played with Elizabeth and Bella. We played on their swingset and their electric jeep.

Then we went round to Ms DJ’s and Mr Ed’s house. They are also from Church. We had a delicious dinner of turkey, corn, stuffing, salad and sweet potato with marshmallows on top. For dessert we had key lime, pecan and pumpkin pies. I loved the pumpkin pie the best. Then we played a game called catchphrase. It is when the mini computer comes up with a word or phrase and you have to explain it to people and they have to guess what it is. Mr Paul also taught us “washers” You try to throw washers into a wooden box. There is also a plastic tube in the box and if you get the washer in that you get more points.

Then we went to Ms Susan and Mr Johns house. Jackson and I payed with Chloe while the adults watched football. Chloe is their daughter.
Then on that Saturday I went back to Chloes for a sleepover after we watched Polar Express at the outdoor movies. We stayed up till 1.00am! The next day I had a whole day at her house. They live right on the water so we played on the dock and in her boat. I had a good Thanksgiving but I am tired.

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