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Showing them the Ropes

copy-of-parkerSeeings I am the only true American in the family I thought I would teach them what Thanksgiving is all about and how we do it in my Homeland!
All the Strongs were really excited about having Thanksgiving in America and from a locals perspective…..they did it well!
We started off late morning and went round to some friends house for Bubbles and Snacks. They were deep frying their turkey which the Strongs had never heard of before, but it smelled SO good and only took 40 minutes to cook instead of hours in the oven. The yummy smell drove us nuts, so in the end we had to leave and go to our Thanksgiving dinner!
We were all invited round to Mr Ed and Miss DJ’s house and there were lot of friends there. There were 15 of us all together and Mr Brandon did the cooking for all of us which I think was a HUGE effort. We had heaps of food and some that Jackson had never even heard of like sweet potato with marshmallows, black eyed peas, biscuits (like scones for you people in NZ) dressing (like stuffing but not stuffed in the turkey) and gravy with giblets in it!
We all ate till we had to loosen our belts (luckily I didnt have one on but I did have to loosen my bandana) then we had pecan pie, pumpkin pie and key lime pies for dessert. All the Strongs liked pumpkin pie. I thought it was kind of funny that they had never had it before but they said it was not a “normal” dessert in NZ!
We were all so full we sat round and played games for the afternoon.
After a while when we could move again, we went round to some more friends’ house and watched football….cause thats what you do on Thanksgiving.
It was a real good day and I think the Strongs did pretty well for 1st timers

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