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Where in the World will the Strongs be next Year?

Answer: New Zealand…..for a little while at least!

We have booked our tickets and soon we will be jet setting our way across the world and ending up in Good Ole New Zealand.

We still have a few more adventures left in us before we get home so don’t unsubscribe from our blog just yet!

To be honest we have mixed emotions about coming home. Part of us is sad that this part of our adventure is coming to an end but another part of us is SO excited about the next part of our journey and we are excited to see what God has in store for us as a family. Not to mention we are hanging out for a good Kiwi BBQ and some chippies & dip!

BUT before we make it home we have the most exciting couple of months coming up.
My sister Anna arrives in a week or so and will hang with us in Florida for a couple of weeks. We have lots planned including a trip to Alabama which I am excited about as well as showing her all the local sights and attractions.
While she is here, they have the Christmas lighting ceremony and then the whole of Destin will be lit up like a Christmas tree…..literally!
Anyone who knows me, knows that this excites me no end and I will spend weeks dragging Phil around the houses and shops to see ALL the lights and soak up as much of Christmas as I can!

We only have 6 days after Anna leaves and we are headed back to Boise for Christmas.
We have made some good friends here (something I said I wasn’t going to do, gosh!) so will have a busy week of (sad) goodbyes.

We are all SO excited bout going to Boise and the kids are counting down the sleeps till we go “Home” as Jackson calls it (thats our American home, don’t get too worried people in NZ)
We are flying back as we didn’t want to get stuck in a snow storm along the way and unsure if Alice would actually handle another 3000 miles!

We will be staying with our good friends the Carlsons in Boise and have lots of Dinner dates already booked in.
We will hang out at all our old haunts and catch up with all our friends.
And of course as a bonus we will get to see ALL the Christmas lights in Boise which I know Phil will be so excited about!!

I am hoping and praying for a white Christmas as that was one of my goals for this year!
So as you can see we have an exciting time coming up!

We arrive back in New Zealand on Dec 27 and will hang in Hamilton for a couple of days before we head to the Hawkes Bay to have New Years with Jono, Rachel & the boys (oh and the new baby…..yay!) and then will head down to Wellington to hang with Mum and Dad for a couple of weeks!

We will head back to Hamilton mid Jan and start getting into life again! We don’t have any concrete plans yet and have decided not to make any till we arrive home, we will keep you posted.

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