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Proud to be Danish!

kathy-2As most of you know my Dad is Danish, which makes me half Danish! When we were planning to go to Europe, Denmark was top of the list, in fact its the main reason we went.

Mum and Dad took me to Denmark when I was 7 and then I went again with my sister Chris when I was 18. Both times were great but this time was even more special as I was taking my kids to show them where their Grandad grew up. Another generation would be going to Dads homeland.
I couldn’t believe how excited I was and all of a sudden so proud to be (half) Danish.
Its funny I couldn’t understand what people were saying but the language was so familiar as Dads family spoke it a lot when I was a kid. Its amazing all the memories that came flooding back as we walked around Copenhagen and especially when we went to a Danish supermarket. We found some cookies that my Grandma used to make and I haven’t had since I was a kid. Funnily enough they tasted exactly the same!

We hired a car in Copenhagen and first headed off to the town where Dad was baptised.
Thankfully the Church was still there, I had visions of it having been torn down and a shopping mall in its place, but no, it was there, a beautiful stone Church built in 1922 with immaculate grounds and gorgeous stone wall surrounding it. Its a shame it wasn’t open as they keep records of all the baptisms and Dads name would have been in the book, maybe next time!
It was so cool to stand there and think that my Grandparents were actually here 70 years ago with Dad (sorry Dad, I just gave your age away!) I think it was a little hard for the kids to imagine that their Grandad was ever young, let alone a baby but it was great being there.

Next we went to the town where he was born. We looked for a maternity Hospital but couldn’t see one and Dad didn’t actually know if he was born at home or in a hospital. It was just a wee village so didn’t take long to see it all. We saw the .local bakery which is apparently where my Grandad did his apprenticeship, so that was pretty cool. By the looks of things, that wee village hadn’t changed much at all in 70 years! As we were driving down a street we saw an old Man and Gracie said ”Hey, I wonder if he knew Grandad?” We didn’t stop to ask!

Next we went to the town where Dad grew up and we saw the actual house where he lived. As Jackson was running up and down the street, he kept saying things like :”I bet Grandad use to play soccer on this street, I bet Grandad use to throw stones at that, I bet Grandad….I bet Grandad…..I bet Grandad” It was so cool being there and being able to show the kids some real family history.
The house is now some business offices but apparently it still looks the same, and again I was just so glad it was still there. We took heaps of photos and tried to answer as many of the kids million questions they had about Grandad and what we was like as a kid and how he met my Mum and how he came to New Zealand. Poor Dad, I think when we get home he will be bombarded with a million questions! But I must admit I am looking forward to going through the photo albums when I get home, and Mum cooking us a Danish meal.

So our trip to Denmark was very successful and was the highlight of our trip. I think its great for the kids to know where their Grandad came from and appreciate the different cultures that make up our family.
So as much as I am proud to be half Danish, the kids are now equally proud to be quarter Danish!

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