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What Matters the Most


When we left New Zealand in February this year we were pretty excited and yet sad at the same time. While we were leaving on our “Adventure” there was definitely a sadness at the people we were leaving behind.

Now we are at the end of stage one and heading off again; the suitcases are stacked by the door and tomorrow we leave Boise. And once again we find ourselves experiencing sadness, perhaps this time a little more as we do not know for sure if we will be back here again.

And as I was washing the windows this morning I was reflecting on our “goodbyes” and the special people we have come to love, the families who have shared their lives with us, and the many cool (and weird) things we have been able to enjoy because of who we now know.

And I was reminded of what matters most in life. It’s the people around you.

Our family and our friends are what matter. The ones we grew up with, laughed with, cried with, argued with, but couldn’t live without. Our friends that enjoy our company no matter how rude we are, the ones who have weird habits but know just how we like our steak cooked. The people we bump up against every day as we walk our journeys. The new people we meet that change the course of our lives, making life a richer experience for us and (hopefully) them.

Why do we get so settled into routine and so used to the ones we love that we take them for granted? Why does it take a not-so-pleasant experience for us to realize how much we love them and want to be nearer to them?

Surely we should be more committed to always letting them know how important they are to us?

I’m certain that the Strong Family’s opportunity to get ‘outside of the box’ and live in different neighborhoods will shape us for the rest of our lives. We are meeting people that are shaping us, making our lives richer. Many of these friends will join the list of “life-long” friends that we carry in our hearts no matter where in the world we are.

I’m aware that this may sound like I’m taking the blessing of this trip for granted, hear me please, that’s not what I’m saying. Today I have been reminded there are things in life way more important than trips around the Greek Islands or photos with Mickey Mouse.

My friends and my family are what matter the most to me.

Please never take this for granted in your life – we never will.




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