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Hamburgers and Kick Ball

jacksonOn Monday Mum went out with her friend for the day. We did school work in the morning. After that we went and had our free lunch. Then I stayed outside with Wyatt and played soccer. When it was 3.00 the mobile recreation unit sports programme started. We played hockey and capture the flag. They also gave us afternoon tea.

On tuesday Grace went to Morgans house. Me and Dad were going to see Transformers but it wasnt playing till 11.00am and we were there at 9.00am! So me, Mum & Dad went out for lunch at Chilis with a voucher Mum got for her birthday. I had a chicken burger. After that we went and saw Transformers 2 Revenge of The Fallen. It was so cool. My favourite characters were the 2 small cars, they were hilarious.

On Friday we talked to Zac and Grannie Jill & Grandad. It was good to talk to them.

On Sunday after Church we went to a Church picnic. At the start some people got baptized in the river. After that everyone prayed for us and then we ate. I had a hamburger. They had a pie eating contest and a watermelon eating contest. Dad went in the pie one and I went in the watermelon eating one. The winner was the first person to finish quarter of a pie without using your hands. We also played a game called kick ball. It is like baseball except someone rolls a giant ball at you and you have to kick it. We also swam in the river. It was really fun!

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