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An American Week

gracieOn Tuesday I went to Morgans house for the whole day and a sleepover. First we played with “Dot” a west highland terrier. He was so small compared to Biscuit (Morgans Dog) Then we played on her nintendo ds. We played a puppy game.
Then we played on the slip ‘n’ slide and the pool. The slip ‘n’ slide was human bowling. I got a strike! I had pizza for dinner. For dessert we could have ice cream or dessert pizza. We all chose ice cream. We played in the park and then went to bed at 11pm. We slept outside on their deck.

On Wednesday I had waffles for breakfast and then Mummy and Jackson came and picked me up for the movies. We went to a free movie called Kit Kittridge. It was a cool movie. As we were leaving they gave us some pizza for free for lunch. Then we went and helped the Hubbles pack as they are moving to Virginia. Mostly I played with Carleigh & Bekah.

Then we went to a God and Country concert. There was a lot of Army people there. I got a free t-shirt. I also got a balloon but it popped. At the end there was a lot of fireworks. I liked the big ones.
On Thursday we helped the Hubbles do some more packing.

On Saturday we watched the “We the People, Liberty Parade” My favourite thing was the blinking cars. We also saw the Mayor. I also liked the clown. He was funny. Then we went home and waited for the Hubbles to come at 6.15. We went to Powells, a lollie store. I got a strawberry stick and some grape pucker powder. Pucker powder is like sherbet. Then we we were goint to go to a Mexican Resturant but it was closed so we went to Red Robbin. I had spaghetti bolognaise and mandarin slices. Then they sang happy birthday to me and Palmer as we arent going to be in Boise for our birthdays. They gave us some sundaes for free.

Then we went to Ann Morrison Park for some fireworks. I did 2 sparklers but then we got told off! They had huge fireworks there. My favourite was one in the shape of a heart. There was also a smiley face and a spaceship. It was really fun!

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