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My Family Is Awesome


We are fortunate to be living the life we are living. I mean, we feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to live together, and grow together, outside of our comfort zones in a strange land with all sorts of strange people.

When we planned this trip one of the things I wanted to explore was the opportunity to speak into peoples’ lives with our message of faith. We, as a family, believe that God has graciously allowed us to travel and this is the message we want to share. I had thought these opportunities would come in the form of speaking engagements at churches and home based groups.

But you don’t always get the opportunity to share in that specific way. Funnily enough, it’s a different kind of message that is having an impact.

We meet new people all the time. As we look and sound different we are often caught in long conversations with people about who we are and what we are doing living such a long way from home.

On the weekend I watched my family share with yet another local who was intrigued by our story. As Kathy and the kids shared about our “Adventure” and our heart for sharing life with our kids and teaching them about ‘life’, the woman was blown away by our willingness to step out on the edge and follow our hearts and walk a life of faith. She said “many people want to have an experience like ours but aren’t brave enough to step outside the box”.

And suddenly I realized; it’s who they are that speaks the loudest message.

Kathy has become friends with quite a few women at our church and in the community. As she talks with them and they get to know her she is making an impact. Long after we have left Boise the people we have met will be talking about the crazy Kiwi family who are living an Adventure of Faith together.

The kids stand out wherever they go, their accents draw a crowd and they love the attention! I’m so proud of the way they conduct themselves, politely and clearly speaking about their life away from home. They are friends with anyone who offers, whether it’s at the church, library or ice skating rink, and through their friendships they are making an impact.

So I’ve realized that we can love people and make an impact wherever we go because of who we are and who we carry inside us. And we can do this in the most casual of ways. Jesus went everywhere and spoke with tax collectors, prostitutes and lepers and loved them all. I’m not sure if we’ll meet a leper, but I’m ready if we do!

I’m so proud of my family – they are doing Kiwi’s proud as they represent New Zealand, the Land of The Long White Cloud, internationally. Watch out world, here we come!

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