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Proud of our Poppet

kathy-blog-photoLast week was all about the free and this week its all about the Brave!

Well as you can see by Gracie’s Blog she got her ears pierced this week!
We had always promised her she could get them done for her 9th Birthday. Seeings we are on the road on her actual birthday and dont know where we will be, we wanted to get them done in Boise at a place where I know they do everything properly (the paperwork alone took 10 minutes!)
We said at the beginning of the week she could choose what day she wanted to get them done so there was no pressure on her. I said anyday but Tuesday as I didnt want my birthday to be spent in tears and complaining of sore ears!

So come Wednesday, all 4 of us piled into the small shop and we had a very nervous wee poppet to say the least!

But I have to tell you I was so proud of her.
Was she was nervous…..yes!
Did she know it would hurt……yes!
Did her brother tease the heck out of her….yes!
Did she get them done despite all that…..yes!

And you know what?
Not once did she say she didnt want to get it done or try and back out. There was no kicking and screaming before they got done and there was no whining! Just a little “I’m nervous Mum” every couple of minutes!

It so reminded me of when jackson did his glider flight last year, yes they were scared but they faced their fears anyway!
Gosh, I can learn so much from my kids!
The way they tackle life head on and despite their fears and aprehensions, do it anyway.

So often I catch myself not doing something because I am nervous about it.
We are going to Canada as part of our road trip and the people we are staying with sent us a link to one of the Amusement parks near them. Apparently it has Canada’s longest, fastest and most terrifying Roller Coater.
Here’s the link if you want to take a look at it in action

Do I want to do it….yes!
Am I nervous……….yes!
Will those nerves stop me going on it……YES!

Well maybe last week they would have but not this week! My kids have taught me a lesson and I am going to put into practise. Face my fears and do it anyway. I am so determined to go on it.

Will I be nervous……yes!
Will I go to the loo 100 times before the ride…..yes!
Will Phil tease and bait me……yes he will!

But really are any of those excuses good enough…!

If Gracie can get her ears pierced and Jackson can face his fear of heights and go in a glider, then I CAN ride the Roller Coaster!
Watch for the photo’s in a few weeks, I’m sure I will have the “I can conquer the World” look, just like Gracie & Jackson did!

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