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Man this week was cool!

jackson-blog-photoOn Tuesday it was Moms Birthday. Dad made us pancakes for breakfast. We did nothing in the morning. We went to Fuddruckers for lunch. Thats Mom’s favourite resturant. We all had Burgers. Dad told them it was mums birthday so they gave her a birthday cake flavoured ice-cream sundae for free. It was delicious.
After that we went to see the new Night at the Museum movie. It was hilarious. After that we went to the Carlsons house for dinner. We had pizza. We played whacky sticks. Mum lost her first game. We also played on the Wii. They got mummy a present. It was a gift card for some Resturants and some chocolates.

On Friday we went to a movie outside on an HUGE inflatable screen. It was Speed Racer. It was really cool!!! It went from 10:00pm-12:00am. It was cold but we had lots of fun.

On Saturday we went to a picnic with lots of friends from Church. The Carlsens were there as well as lots of other families. We played on the play ground. We played tag and cops and robbers.
Aome people that were there were from Guam so we had yummy food. Some of it was really spicy! After that me and Grace went to the Carlsons house for dinner. We had Sloppy Joes. It is practically mince in a bun. We also played football on the porch cause it was raining. It was fun!!

On Sunday after Church I went to a volleyball game. It was only for junior high and senior high which means grace couldnt come. We had pizza for lunch. It was really fun.
I enjoyed this week a whole lot!!!!!!!!!

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