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Ear Piercing!

On Monday we went to the Hubbels to help them pack because they are moving to Virginia. We watched movies and ate lunch while Mommy helped Mrs Hubbel pack.

On Tuesday it was Mom’s Birthday! In the morning mom opened all her presents. I got her a blue shirt from Aeropostale, which is her favourite store. I also made her 2 cards. Then we went to Night at the Museum 2. It was very funny. Then we went to the Carlsons house for pizza. YUM! It was a fun day.

On Wednesday we got my ears pierced! I was so nervous. It hurt. I got pink daisy ear-rings. After the lady gave me a lollipop. I got them done for my birthday but we got them done while we are still and Boise and cause my birthday is in 6 weeks I can change them on my birthday.
On Thursday we went to the library. For our library program we did collage. I made one about all monkeys. Then dad picked us all up and went home.
On Sunday me and Mom had the day all to ourselves. First we went to a craft shop called Archivers. We got some paper stitching stuff. I made a cool card.

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