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Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

kathy-blog-photoWell I don’t know so much about the brave but definitely land of the FREE!
I know I have written on this before but it is my pet project every week to find all the free activites I can and I just cant believe what is out there if you go looking.

Here is my updated list of free things we are doing:

Everyday at our complex they serve free lunches to the kids. They are trying to promote healthy eating to the kids, so the lunches vary each day but include, sandwichs, hot dogs, flat bread roll ups with salsa, baby carrots, fruit salad, stringy cheese, crackers and chocolate or plain milk.

They have3 local gym instructors come to the complex every Monday afternoon for 2 hours to teach the kids basketball, baseball etc, they play games and also do crafts. Not to mention that the pool and the hot tub are always free!

The kids are enrolled for free Art Classes over summer (until we leave) Each week they study a famous artist and then make art like the artist they have studied.

They are also going to go to free hands on science classes and cooking classes at the local Chefs Academy.

3 of the movie theatres are showing free movies every Tuesday and Wednesday over the summer. One of them is a Christian owned one so they are showing Adventures in Odessy and have free giveaways. The others are showing the latest family movies.

We make free art projects every Saturday at the local craft shop and Gracie and I are also going to a free stamping workshop.

Every Friday throughout summer, M&M’s are giving away 250,000 chocolate bars so every Friday I sign up on the net and they send us vouchers for 4 free chocolate bars every week.

Most of the local resturants (I Hop, Applebee’s, Chilli’s, Ruddruckers, Pizza Hut etc) have nights where the kids eat absolutely free (inc dessert which is to Jacksons liking) Our mains are around $6.00-$10.00 so a cheap night out!

Every Friday night in one of the local parks they put up a gigantic blow up movie screen and play free movies. Tonight we are going to see “Speed Racer”

The Library has a summer reading programme to encourage kids to read. For every 20 minutes of reading they get 1 point. There are 10 points in each level and 3 levels. They have prizes for finishing each level. So far the kids have got vouchers for the following: (all free of course) tickets to a rodeo, French fries, tickets to the ice skating rink, meals at local restaurants, ice-creams, and a free book of their choosing!

Here are some of the free things that we just don’t have time for: local wildlife talks, guided hikes, more free movies, family fun days at local parks, star gazing at the astrological society, parades, festivals, kids holiday programmes and so much more.

Honestly, I have had to make myself a wee calendar so we can fit everything in and we don’t forget to go to something.
I never thought I would have to say no to free things but we just don’t have time to do everything!
This really is the place to be when you are on a tight budget!

So I am still extractiing everything I can before we leave our wee slice of paradise in 4 weeks!

Hei kona ra
for those of you that don’t speak Maori that goodbye for now! (Its amazing how patriotic you get when you are 10,000 miles from home!)

ps…I have added a smilebox with some random photos from the last couple of weeks

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