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Teaching The Kids How To….


With all the work I’m doing on building my websites and creating valuable content (articles, blogs, videos, coaching, books) to share across many internet platforms, the kids often wonder what I’m doing.

Often I send them all “out” for a while so I can film some more video-blogs or training videos, and sometimes I just send them out so I can get some work done! Kathy’s really good at finding things for them to do so its not like I’m sending them out onto the street! Plus, as many of you will guess, I’m pretty okay with finding a coffee house if I need some space to do some writing!

We recently went on a visit to an Air Show. As you’ll hear shortly Kathy’s Dad is really into old war planes, so when a show was advertised up the road we went along to get some photos and video to show Grandad.

To help the kids understand what I do with my videos I helped them to produce a video of the Air Show including video, photos and audio. Then we posted it to YouTube for the world to see.

On behalf of the creators of this video, I hope you enjoy their work. Make sure you hear their comments at the end!

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