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How does the Adventure Continue?

Christmas already seems like such a long time ago…

Our whirlwind Christmas through the snow in Boise is much more than a collection of photos, there are many life-long memories that will give us stories to tell forever. But it seems like such an age ago…

Our Christmas Dinner in Los Angeles International Airport with special dessert of an ice cream sundae was different (to say the least) and will be something that we hopefully never try again! Oh how long ago it feels…

And I must say this year of traversing the globe leaves me with a distaste for airplane food and a crink in my back from lack of airplane comfort. But now that time has passed, were the 12 hour flights truly so unbearable?

We’re now back in NZ and zooming around catching up with family and friends, and ‘Yes’ that means we’re still living out of suitcases! But will the adventure end as we return home and settle into routines? You know, breakfast, school, work, dinner, sports, friends, weekends… We are extremely nervous that we will “settle” and by that we mean settle back into the “rut” that was normal life for us before we left.

Now don’t get me wrong, we are craving the familiarity of our home. And I think the kids are secretly looking forward to being back into a school and hanging with kids their own age, and possibly even the routine of a classroom! Kathy can’t wait to unpack the boxes in our shed and rediscover the clothes and household that we left stored away. If that’s okay then what are we scared of?

To be honest I think we’re scared of the Adventure ending. But I have learned over the past year that Adventure is a state of mind. For me, I’m absolutely committed to ensuring that the Strong Family Adventure continues.

Here are some things I’ve decided to institute into our family so that we can carry on having an adventure, no matter where in the world we are:

Sharing Life with the kids
When we were spending 24/7 with the kids including frequently sharing a room in a motel with them, life was pretty compact. Privacy was non-existent and that meant that what Kathy and I discussed together was often done in an open forum. I think our kids matured through this experience as they witnessed their parents sharing healthy dialogue through both good times and bad. I think it would be a mistake to now insulate them from life and so I’m going to find a wise way to include them in more of the planning of our family’s life.

Avoiding the “TV Lifestyle Pattern”
One of the dangers Kathy and I face is falling into the pattern of dropping on the couch after dinner and “blobbing mindlessly” in front of whatever is on the box. By doing this we will miss out on hundreds of hours that could be better utilized. So instead I’m going to try and allocate time to things that are more important to me; my faith, my friends, my personal growth, and of course, my wife!

Exploring our own wonderful country
There are still corners of New Zealand that we have not explored as a family. It would be remiss of us to trek across the globe and see the wonders of the world and neglect those in our own backyard. We’ll be setting some goals for places we want to experience in NZ and plan a way to get there together. (Sleeping in the car will not be one of my desired outcomes though!)

Connecting others into the adventure
The more we travel the more stories we collect, but the truth is those stories are more fun when they are shared with others. So I’m wondering how I can connect others into the adventure of life. While we spent our long time away it became obvious to me that family and friends are way too important to leave out of the adventure. So if anyone fancies being a part of the fun please let me know.

Doing the occasional crazy thing
Sometimes I can be a stick in the mud. It just doesn’t always make sense to have a spontaneous swim in the sea if no-one bought their togs (bathing costume). But why the heck not? It seems easier, to me, to do crazy stuff when I am away from home but this should not be the case at all. So I’m going to extend myself this year and keep my kids on their toes by being a little crazy from time to time. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Building friendships to make the world seem smaller
We now have some extremely awesome friends in all corners of the world. If I wanted to feel bad about the distance between friends I only have to look at the globe – the world is 40,075 kilometers in diameter! But this past year we have found that technology makes the world much smaller, what used to take weeks to achieve we now do in an instant via email, Skype, mobile phone, Facebook, etc… I do not want to neglect friendships just because those friends are in a different country. By building on those friendships I will make the world seem smaller!

These are just some of the ideas I have to make sure our Adventure continues.

What are you going to do to make sure your life is not in a “rut”?

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