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The Perfect Christmas Gift

kathy-in-the-snowI know, I know, its not even Christmas Day yet and I am talking about presents but I have had the best Christmas gift given to me!

You know every year I rack my brain trying to come up with the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone. My primary love laungage is gift giving so its important to me to put lots of thought into presents and make people feel special, but I have to say that this gift is not one I have thought of giving. Obviously I love getting gifts too but I get so much more enjoyment out of giving.

So this gift I have been given has really hit a special spot in my heart this year and you know, its one of those gifts that I will keep for many (many) years to come.
We were a little worried about Christmas this year as we are travelling back to NZ and our bags are already full but this gift is the perfect size and wont cause us any excess baggage!
Its one of those gifts that when you are given it, it almost takes your breath away and you are left speechless, wondering what on earth you did to recieve such a gift!
I know I am building this up but its definitely worth the build up, you are not given gifts like this every day and when you are you, you need to make special mention of it!
So who gave me this gift and what is it?

I’ll let you know tomorrow!

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