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The Perfect Christmas Gift is…….


I know we all have friends but the definition of friendship has taken on a new meaning for us this year.

When you leave home and everything you know and move half way across the world to a country where you know 3 people, friendship takes on a whole new meaning.

Here are some […]

The Perfect Christmas Gift

I know, I know, its not even Christmas Day yet and I am talking about presents but I have had the best Christmas gift given to me!

You know every year I rack my brain trying to come up with the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone. My primary love laungage is gift giving so its […]


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The Christmas Tree

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Gingerbread Houses

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Dumb rules lead to dumb behaviour… and now we’re guilty as well


When you travel on planes with others you get to see a different side of human nature. I find it interesting as I often like to make observations about people… call it a strange obsession, but humans are interesting beasts and we can learn a lot by observing them.


Farewell Florida

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Alice has a new boyfriend!


For those of you worried about Alice the truck, we are pleased to provide an update to satisfy all of your concerns. It sounds like she is truly happy.

Here’s an email we received this week from her new Dad.


So you know, Alice had to take an emergency trip to […]

Matt and Christmas Shopping

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I went to my friend Matts house for a sleepover. On Friday they picked me up about 12pm and we went and had lunch. They had a family friend with them from Atlanta. His name is Travis. He is 18 years old. Me and Matt called him “Tall lean man” […]

Christmas Pageant

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