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Farewell our Faithful Friend

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Losing A Family Member

“Goodbye Alice.”

Yes, you guessed it. Alice the truck is no longer a member of our family. As the trip across the US comes to an end it was necessary for us to part company… there is just no way we could get her into the suitcase to take her […]

Grocery Shopping With a Pencil

The kids are usually really excited when they go shopping for food, (as I am), but this week they had a scare when we did the grocery shop.


Where in the World will the Strongs be next Year?

Answer: New Zealand…..for a little while at least!

We have booked our tickets and soon we will be jet setting our way across the world and ending up in Good Ole New Zealand.

We still have a few more adventures left in us before we get home so don’t unsubscribe from our blog just […]

Fishing Competition Photo’s

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Fishing and a Sleepover

On Saturday we went to a fishing contest. We went there with Brooke and her family. I caught 2 fish. One weighed 12 5/8 ounces! Brooke caught 4, Whitney caught 3 and the boys caught rocks. I won a prize. It was a giant cookie cake. We got free T-shirts and fishing rods. We had […]

I am going Home!

bark bark bark woof woof bark yelp woof growl growl bark woof woof bark grrr growl bark grrr pant pant pant bark woof woof woof bark bark woof woof growl pant pant grrr grrr woof bark woof bark yelp yelp bark yelp woof what? huh? Oh sorry, I am so excited I got a […]

How important is School really?

Well of course its important! Its a bit of a dumb question really, but to be honest this year I have not been too worried about the kids learning their abc’s but more what they can learn from the experiences we have had. Now before all the teachers out there write to me expressing […]

Action Jackson does it again!

What would a family adventure be without a trip to the Hospital? Answer: A good one! That may be true, but then it would hardly be an adventure would it? So to make our adventure this year complete Jackson thought he would give us a glimpse into the American Health System!