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Jack-O-Lanterns Rock!

On Sunday the 19 of October Dad and I went to our friends house [Mr. John and Ms. Susan] with some other friends [Mr. Brandon, Ms. Paula and Miller their son]. Mr. Brandon and Ms. Paula brought their dog “Elvis”.


Okaloosa Beach

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New Zealand

It was a fun week in NZ! We left on Saturday and arrived on Monday, we had no Sunday!

Monday First we went to go see if the dresses fitted. They fitted perfectly. Mum looked beautiful in her dress. It was champagne colour. Then we drove back to Hamilton. On the way we stopped […]

The Girls trip back for the Wedding

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Ironing A Shirt In The Shower

For those of you tickled by the story of Jackson and I dining on bacon grease, (check it out here), I’m sure you’ll also find this story a wee bit amusing.

Can you picture Jackson ironing my shirt in the shower?


What Left A Bad Taste In My Mouth?

One of the things I’ve been doing here in Destin has been volunteering at the cafe and kitchen at our local church. It’s been a great way to meet people and serve the local community.

The Destin Life Center is a massive complex with cafe, gymnsaium, weights room, conference rooms, pre-school and, of course, […]

Hanging Out With Old Dad

This week it has just been me and Dad.

On Saturday we dropped Mum and Grace at the airport – they flew to NZ for my Aunty Chris’ wedding.


Proud to be Danish!

As most of you know my Dad is Danish, which makes me half Danish! When we were planning to go to Europe, Denmark was top of the list, in fact its the main reason we went.

Mum and Dad took me to Denmark when I was 7 and then I went again with my sister […]

Parkers European Adventures – Part 2

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Dog-Gone Lucky

I am one lucky Puppy! Not many puppies get to travel the world with their Best Friend. Jackson and I have been inseparable since we first met so that meant I go to go to Europe with him. I had never left the USA before so this was a big trip for me. I have […]