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Paris Photos – Part 2

Gracie in Wonderland

You know how when you dream of something for so long and then when you finally get to do it, it isn’t quite as grand as you had imagined? Somehow it grows in your imagination so much you feel let down when reality hits!

Well to be honest thats what I thought […]

Paris Photos – Part 1

The City of Tears

Washington DC or Paris?

This is the million dollar question today.

Up until yesterday I would have said without a doubt that Washington was by far my favourite city but today I’m not so sure, Paris is giving it a good run for its money!

We were […]

God just bought me a beer!

Here’s a short story with a real life miracle….

So here we are, strolling down a very quiet Avenue in Paris. I was really in need for a coffee so we stopped at a small café and sat at one of the street front tables. I ordered a “café”, […]


Oh My Guinness!


Tube Surfing

On Tuesday morning (18 August) we got up at 2am to drive to Jacksonville. It was a 5 hour drive. We then flew to Miami. We had to wait 6 hours till we flew to London. On the plane me and Mum couldn’t sleep so we watched movies all night.


In London I enjoyed seeing all the sights

On Wednesday 19 August we woke up on the plane, and landed in London at 8.00am. We caught the Underground to our Hotel. The Underground is an under ground train.

We hopped off at Earls Court. Then we looked for our Hotel, it is called St Mark Hotel. We are staying […]