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My Family Is Awesome

We are fortunate to be living the life we are living. I mean, we feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to live together, and grow together, outside of our comfort zones in a strange land with all sorts of strange people.


Get Noisy in Boise

On Monday we went to a Vacation Bible School. I was in the 4th grade group. First we went to storytime and learnt about Peter. Then we went to see Dr Forrest R Cool. He was our leader who taught us about nature. Then we went to games and snacktime. Everyday we had a different […]

Go Lightening!

On Monday we went to a Vacation Bible study. We went to it all week. We learnt about the Bible, played fun games and ate food. I made 3 friends. There names were Spencer, David and Kyle. It was at second Baptist church. It was really fun!!


Proud of our Poppet

Last week was all about the free and this week its all about the Brave!

Well as you can see by Gracie’s Blog she got her ears pierced this week! We had always promised her she could get them done for her 9th Birthday. Seeings we are on the road on her actual birthday and […]

Man this week was cool!

On Tuesday it was Moms Birthday. Dad made us pancakes for breakfast. We did nothing in the morning. We went to Fuddruckers for lunch. Thats Mom’s favourite resturant. We all had Burgers. Dad told them it was mums birthday so they gave her a birthday cake flavoured ice-cream sundae for free. It was delicious.


Ear Piercing!

On Monday we went to the Hubbels to help them pack because they are moving to Virginia. We watched movies and ate lunch while Mommy helped Mrs Hubbel pack.


Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

Well I don’t know so much about the brave but definitely land of the FREE! I know I have written on this before but it is my pet project every week to find all the free activites I can and I just cant believe what is out there if you go looking.


Friend Week

On Friday we went to Redletter. Redletter is Christian bookshop with a cafe in it. Mum and Dad love it there. I had a yoghurt parfait. I also got a girl devotional book and Jackson got a boy one. We also did schoolwork. On Saturday we went to the Carlsons house for a party.


Vipers Vortex

On Monday we went to Roaring Springs!! I went on all the rides. I went on Vipers Vortex, Double Trouble, Rattlesnake Rapids, Pipeline Mines, Racing Ridge, The Avalanche, Mammoth Canyon and Thunder Falls. Mammoth Canyon and Thunder Falls are 4 people rides.


Teaching The Kids How To….

We recently went on a visit to an air show. As you’ll hear shortly Kathy’s Dad is really into old war planes, so when a show was advertised up the road we went along to get some photos and video to show Grandad. […]