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What Am I Missing The Most?

I just realized its been a while since I posted a blog on this site… the kids and Kathy are disciplined at getting their news to you on a regular basis, so its time Dad pulled his socks up!

It seems I’ve been really busy doing a lot of writing lately. I have been […]

Flip Flop Frenzy

On Monday the Hubbles came around for a play. It was a very hot day. First me and Becca and Carleigh played with my dolls house that I got with my pocket money. Then we had a swim for ages. My eyes stung because of the chlorine. I was in the hot tub most of […]

Go the Sounds!

On Thursday we went for a bike ride along the greenbelt. It took an hour each way. We crossed lots of bridges and went through lots of tunnels. We rode all the way to the library and back. Halfway through there was a BMX track. I rode on it a few times. Dad took some […]

Routine, Schmootine!

I think one of the things I am loving most about this year is being out of a set routine! Now the people that know me well will no doubt be a little shocked as I am such a routine freak, but its true.


Memorial Weekend 2009

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Throwing Stones!

This week has been fun. On Friday we went to Walmart to get camping gear for our trip to Yellowstone. We got things like a lantern, torches, airbeds, a tent, cooking stuff and a pump to blow up the beds. We had lots of fun and our cart was overflowing.


Lets Party!

0n Thursday we went to the library. At the kids program we made frogs out of paper plates. We also played some games. On Saturday the pool in our complex opened. We swam in it at 10:30. It was heated so was like a bath.


We have the Coolest Friends!

On Monday we went to the Carlsen’s house again for dinner. We had tacos. I had a soft taco with mince, cheese, lettuce, avocado and sour cream. We also had the biggest fruit salad you have ever seen. There was pineapple, grapes, blackberries,s trawberries,.watermelon and blueberries. It was delicious! We played rugby. Dad and Mr […]

Idaho City is so Tiny!

We have been on a trip to Idaho city. Along the way we stopped by a creek for lunch. Jackson had made me a jam sandwich. I also had a rice krispie treats muesli bar, an apple and a can of soda. We skimmed some stones and I threw a pinecone into the creek and […]

Photo’s of Idaho City

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