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A Snippet of what the Girls got up to while the Boys were away…

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Did you know……

Not a lot of people know much about our current wee slice of paradise so I thought I would give you a few facts about Boise and Idaho:


A successful trip

The trip home to NZ for 2 weeks has been a successful one.


The Boys Are Rushing Home… to the Girls!

Well, we have survived the trip to NZ. Dad and me have had heaps of fun. It has been a boys trip. We have done some pretty col stuff, seen lots of friends, and we have really enjoyed our Boys Trip.


When the Boys are away…..

The Girls will play! It has been a girlie week! After we dropped the boys at the Airport we went to McDonalds for lunch as Mum was feeling a bit sad. I had a cheeseburger. Mum and I had no one to give our gherkins to! After lunch we went to the Library. I got […]

Petrol Head Heaven

Here we are in New Zealand, me and my Dad on a “boys trip”. We have been travelling around NZ seeing family and friends while Dad runs his Wisemoney Seminars.

The major part of our holiday is going to the V8’s to see the motor racing. We are going for 3 days with Zac […]

Our Trip to Ontario, Oregan

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Who ate all the Hot Cross Buns?

Well it definitely wasnt me! Easter, Easter everywhere and not a hot cross bun in sight! Now I know all you people in NZ will be glad to see the last of them and are screaming “No, not another jolly hot cross bun” but over here we searched high and low and we couldnt find […]

Boise Photo’s

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We went to another State

It has been a fun week. First we had coffee with Carliegh and Mrs.Hubble. I had a Blueberry scone. Then we went to the Library. The kids program was about poems. We are going to make our own on Thursday. On Friday we had a family movie night. We watched Zathura. We had our […]