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Tubing Photo’s & “Alice”

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People who call us “Friends”

The headline of the week is we have some locals here in Boise who introduce us to others as “their friends”. While this may see a little lame to all of you back in ‘normal land’, this is a big deal for us who have been a little lonely.


Where Are The Strongs?

Talk about Busy!

This week we have been busy. First we went to the library. We went to a kids program. We told adventure stories. It was fun. We have been to the zoo. We saw a sloth, a huge python, an eagle and some prairie dogs. The prairie dogs had tunnels under their enclosure so you […]

A full week

We have been to Bogus Basin where you go tubing. It was fun. For one time we went as a family. One time I went with Mum. You sit in a tube and the people push you down a big slope. At the bottom you hook your self onto a pulley that pulls you […]

Los Angeles Photos

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Why Boise?

Well thats the million dollar question this week……why Boise? And our answer, wait for it, its pretty profound……..Why not? So many people we have met have been asking “Why on eath Boise?” Why not somewhere exciting? Well for us this IS exciting! We could have picked any of 1000 cities in the USA but […]

We Sound Funny!

We have met lots of people this week We met two nice families. The first family we met had three kids. Their names were Carly, Rebeca and Palmer. We met them at the mall and had dinner together and did some shopping. Rebeca and I got matching High School Musical slippers and I also […]

Friends and a Dead Squirrel!

We have been really busy.

On Friday we meet some friends of a friend at the mall for dinner.They have 3 kids.They have 2 girls and 1 boy. I played with the boy. His name is Palmer. He is 7 years old. We played tic tac toe and hangman. We bought heaps of lollies. […]

Settling into life

So life is starting to get into a routine… sort of.

Last week was all about