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We walked our legs off

We decided to have a day off from Fun Parks yesterday (Tuesday our local time) and had a few things to see. Top of my list was the Crystal Cathedral founded by Robert Schuller. A quick check on Google Maps confirmed it wasn’t too far away…


California Adventure Land (next door to DisneyLand)

The water ride left us all VERY wet!

Sugar rush anyone?

Here’s two cuties!

These guys were popular all day.


Day One at DisneyLand – excerpts

Off on our adventure!

So here we are getting ready to be picked up. There’s quite a few bags, over 110kg’s. When the shuttle finally arrived we were surprised to see it was without a trailer… we felt sorry for the wee Asian girl who was surrounded by our suitcases!

There’s a water […]

We made it to DisneyLand!

So as you can see, we made it!

It started off with a few “whoopsies”: – Kathy sent the shuttle driver to the wrong address. He was waiting at “Farringdon” and we were waiting at “Barrington”. – Phil was almost arrested at Customs for taking a family photo. A swarm of Officers arrived to […]

Waiting isn’t easy

The boxes are taped and labelled, the furniture is stacked away, the bags are packed and we are in limbo.


SOOO ready…

Well its only 10 more sleeps and I am SO ready!! The house is a mess of boxes, we are living out of suitcases already and it is so jolly hot…..roll on winter (or at least whats left of it in LA!) The kids friends are all back at school, our friends are at work […]

Grace is excited about America…

I am excited about the plane trip.

We are going to L.A. and to Disneyland. I would like to go on Splash Mountain. Then we are going to Boise. I’m really excited about going tubing at Bogus Basin. After that we are going on a road trip.

We are also going to Paris which […]

Jackson is excited about America because…

I am excited about America because we get to see lots of new places. I can’t wait to go on the plane. It has movie screens on the back of the seat in front of you.

I can’t wait to get to L.A. (Los Angeles). Our hotel we stay in L.A has got a […]

How Has Your Year Started?

I was thinking this morning, while having a little quiet time to myself, how easy it is for us to keep on doing the same old, same old.

This isn’t a criticism aimed at anyone, merely me penning my thoughts somewhere for you to share them, if you wish to.

I was reading a fantastic […]

Mega Book Marketing Seminar

Phil attends this event with Mark Victor Hansen, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, One Minute Millionaire, and many others.