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The Perfect Christmas Gift is…….


I know we all have friends but the definition of friendship has taken on a new meaning for us this year.

When you leave home and everything you know and move half way across the world to a country where you know 3 people, friendship takes on a whole new meaning.

Here are some […]

The Perfect Christmas Gift

I know, I know, its not even Christmas Day yet and I am talking about presents but I have had the best Christmas gift given to me!

You know every year I rack my brain trying to come up with the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone. My primary love laungage is gift giving so its […]

Where in the World will the Strongs be next Year?

Answer: New Zealand…..for a little while at least!

We have booked our tickets and soon we will be jet setting our way across the world and ending up in Good Ole New Zealand.

We still have a few more adventures left in us before we get home so don’t unsubscribe from our blog just […]

How important is School really?

Well of course its important! Its a bit of a dumb question really, but to be honest this year I have not been too worried about the kids learning their abc’s but more what they can learn from the experiences we have had. Now before all the teachers out there write to me expressing […]

Action Jackson does it again!

What would a family adventure be without a trip to the Hospital? Answer: A good one! That may be true, but then it would hardly be an adventure would it? So to make our adventure this year complete Jackson thought he would give us a glimpse into the American Health System!


Proud to be Danish!

As most of you know my Dad is Danish, which makes me half Danish! When we were planning to go to Europe, Denmark was top of the list, in fact its the main reason we went.

Mum and Dad took me to Denmark when I was 7 and then I went again with my sister […]

Our “not so simple” Day


Yes, we are still married

And happily I might add!

This reason I say this is I was a little worried at one stage…..let me explain!

We have had an amazing time on our travels but even before we left NZ I was a little worried about Italy.

You see in Italy we were travelling […]

So Proud of Our Kids!

I am the 1st to admit that our kids are not perfect!

Now if you were to ask Grannie Jill and Grandad I’m sure they would say they are but we know better!

In saying that, I think they come pretty close!

We are completely out of routine, […]

Gracie in Wonderland

You know how when you dream of something for so long and then when you finally get to do it, it isn’t quite as grand as you had imagined? Somehow it grows in your imagination so much you feel let down when reality hits!

Well to be honest thats what I thought […]