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Matt and Christmas Shopping

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I went to my friend Matts house for a sleepover. On Friday they picked me up about 12pm and we went and had lunch. They had a family friend with them from Atlanta. His name is Travis. He is 18 years old. Me and Matt called him “Tall lean man” […]

Jack-O-Lanterns Rock!

On Sunday the 19 of October Dad and I went to our friends house [Mr. John and Ms. Susan] with some other friends [Mr. Brandon, Ms. Paula and Miller their son]. Mr. Brandon and Ms. Paula brought their dog “Elvis”.


Ironing A Shirt In The Shower

For those of you tickled by the story of Jackson and I dining on bacon grease, (check it out here), I’m sure you’ll also find this story a wee bit amusing.

Can you picture Jackson ironing my shirt in the shower?


Hanging Out With Old Dad

This week it has just been me and Dad.

On Saturday we dropped Mum and Grace at the airport – they flew to NZ for my Aunty Chris’ wedding.


The MSC MUSICA Cruise Ship

In the morning of the day we board the cruise ship we catch the bus to a bus depot in Venice. Then we walked to the ship terminal. When we boarded the ship we got escorted to our room. We were room number 5043. After that we went up to deck 13 to […]

Tube Surfing

On Tuesday morning (18 August) we got up at 2am to drive to Jacksonville. It was a 5 hour drive. We then flew to Miami. We had to wait 6 hours till we flew to London. On the plane me and Mum couldn’t sleep so we watched movies all night.


An interview with Jackson

Well we are sitting at Miami International Airport waiting for our flight to London so I (Kathy) thought I would interview Jackson as well, as its been 6 months today since we left home!

K – “Jackson, what are top 3 favourite things from the last 6 months?” J – “My favourite things from […]

Car Heaven

On Tuesday we drove to Minneapolis. We went to the biggest mall in America. It had 25 movie theatres, flight simulator, mini golf, an aquarium, 450 shops, and a food court. We played mini golf. I won! Did I forget to mention they had a theme park. It was huge!!! After that we went to […]

Hamburgers and Kick Ball

On Monday Mum went out with her friend for the day. We did school work in the morning. After that we went and had our free lunch. Then I stayed outside with Wyatt and played soccer. When it was 3.00 the mobile recreation unit sports programme started. We played hockey and capture the flag. They […]

Go Ice-Skating!

On Monday we went to the old Penitentiary because it was Amanda Carlson’s birthday. It was a surprise. First we climbed up Table Rock, the mountain with the cross on the top of it.