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Fishing and a Sleepover

On Saturday we went to a fishing contest. We went there with Brooke and her family. I caught 2 fish. One weighed 12 5/8 ounces! Brooke caught 4, Whitney caught 3 and the boys caught rocks. I won a prize. It was a giant cookie cake. We got free T-shirts and fishing rods. We had […]

New Zealand

It was a fun week in NZ! We left on Saturday and arrived on Monday, we had no Sunday!

Monday First we went to go see if the dresses fitted. They fitted perfectly. Mum looked beautiful in her dress. It was champagne colour. Then we drove back to Hamilton. On the way we stopped […]

A great way to end Europe….

In Denmark the best thing was Legoland. The first thing we did was go up a Tower. In the tower you could see the whole of Legoland, right to the other side. Then we did the trains. There were 3 trains. On one of the trains we got to see a lego statue of […]

My Favourite City in the World

On our trip the place I was most looking forward to was Paris.

I couldn’t wait to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre

The place we stayed at was right by the Arc de Triomphe and we could see it from our Hotel Room.

The Louvre was really cool […]

In London I enjoyed seeing all the sights

On Wednesday 19 August we woke up on the plane, and landed in London at 8.00am. We caught the Underground to our Hotel. The Underground is an under ground train.

We hopped off at Earls Court. Then we looked for our Hotel, it is called St Mark Hotel. We are staying […]

An interview with Grace


Birthday Poppet

On my Birthday Dad cooked me French toast and bacon for breakfast. I got to open my cards and presents. I got a Jonas Brothers cd from Jackson and Monkey, heart and cross earrings from Mum & Dad as well as getting my ears pierced. I got lots of cards and some people sent […]

Wildlife in Yellowstone

Yellowstone is cool! We have seen some cool animals. I spotted a Black Bear and her 2 cubs. Mum said she would give $10.00 to the 1st person to spot a real bear and I got the money! Down the road, Mum spotted a Grizzly Bear. We also saw Elk, Bison, Chipmunks, Deer and Mountain […]

An American Week

On Tuesday I went to Morgans house for the whole day and a sleepover. First we played with “Dot” a west highland terrier. He was so small compared to Biscuit (Morgans Dog) Then we played on her nintendo ds. We played a puppy game.


A Day with Morgan

On Wednesday we went to the movies for free. We saw Adventures in Odessey. It was one I hadnt seen before. Then we came back to the Apartment and Jackson and I went and had our free lunch. So there was lots of free things today!