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Showing them the Ropes

Seeings I am the only true American in the family I thought I would teach them what Thanksgiving is all about and how we do it in my Homeland! All the Strongs were really excited about having Thanksgiving in America and from a locals perspective…..they did it well! We started off late morning and went […]

I am going Home!

bark bark bark woof woof bark yelp woof growl growl bark woof woof bark grrr growl bark grrr pant pant pant bark woof woof woof bark bark woof woof growl pant pant grrr grrr woof bark woof bark yelp yelp bark yelp woof what? huh? Oh sorry, I am so excited I got a […]

Parkers European Adventures – Part 2

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Parkers European Adventures – Part 1

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Parkers Travels

Man, I have been with Jackson for ages now and we have seen some cool stuff! I loved Canada, although when the people we were staying with heard there was a new addition to the family they were a little worried! But once they met me and realized I wasn’t a big dog like those […]

New Addition to the Family……

Hello my name is Parker. I am the latest addition to the Strong family. I was born in Boise, Idaho at a place called Cabella’s. I was given to Jackson by the Carlson Family and I havent left his side ever since.

I am travelling everywhere with the Strongs and now I have my own […]