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An interview with Grace


Parkers Travels

Man, I have been with Jackson for ages now and we have seen some cool stuff! I loved Canada, although when the people we were staying with heard there was a new addition to the family they were a little worried! But once they met me and realized I wasn’t a big dog like those […]

Savannah, Georgia

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The mother of all Road Trips!

The plan for our Strong Family Adventure always included a road trip, we thought it would be a great way to see the country side. But did we ever really fully comprehend just how much country side we would see?


Southern Hospitality

Guess the favourite part of my trip so far? Mt Rushmore? Lincoln Memorial? Largest Mall in America? The Hamburgers?

Well, yes I have loved all those things, but the thing that has impacted me most is the people! Right from the time we arrived in Boise we have had the most amazing friends who have […]

Shopping for a Brontosaurus


The other day we had some fun window shopping for an RV.

As we have travelled the many, many miles on the US inter-state system we have seen literally hundreds of RV’s. These monstrous vehicles are a holiday home on wheels and put NZ campervans to shame. It’s not surprising for […]

An Oasis in our Crazy Life!

Thats exactly what Canada was for us!

We have had an amazing time on our travels but it has been pretty full on so when we arrived at Grant and Kathy Mullens house in Grimsby, Ontario, it was honestly an oasis!

For 4 days we had the most fabulous home cooked meals. The kids got […]

“Where Are You Guys From?”


Today we had 10 hours in the car… it as a pretty long day for all of us.

We left Canada this morning at 9am and crossed the border back into the US an hour later. We zoomed across the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland before arriving at our place […]


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Nascar, Indianapolis

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