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I want to apologise to my family and friends

Remember the good old days? When you could keep up with what was happening in your friends lives without Facebook?!!

We had a fun Sunday (just past) and it just reminded me of the good old days. Are any of you old enough to remember the days of the Annual Church Picnic? I am.


4th of July

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Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

Well I don’t know so much about the brave but definitely land of the FREE! I know I have written on this before but it is my pet project every week to find all the free activites I can and I just cant believe what is out there if you go looking.


Teaching The Kids How To….

We recently went on a visit to an air show. As you’ll hear shortly Kathy’s Dad is really into old war planes, so when a show was advertised up the road we went along to get some photos and video to show Grandad. […]

What Am I Missing The Most?

I just realized its been a while since I posted a blog on this site… the kids and Kathy are disciplined at getting their news to you on a regular basis, so its time Dad pulled his socks up!

It seems I’ve been really busy doing a lot of writing lately. I have been […]

Photo’s of Idaho City

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So this is what life has come to!

Life in Boise is getting warmer as the Winter concedes to Spring. The blossoms on the trees are now falling and leaves are beginning to re-colour the streets. It is a very beautiful time of year. The locals are complaining that it not already hot, apparently May is usually a hot month.

Here’s a […]

Boise Photo’s

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We went to another State

It has been a fun week. First we had coffee with Carliegh and Mrs.Hubble. I had a Blueberry scone. Then we went to the Library. The kids program was about poems. We are going to make our own on Thursday. On Friday we had a family movie night. We watched Zathura. We had our […]


This week we have been lots of places!

On Tuesday we went to the movies for $1.00. We saw “Ink-Heart” It was an action movie. They could read characters out of books. If I could do that I would read out Frank & Joe Hardy from The Hardy Boys.

On Saturday we went to […]