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Sad Times Shared = Good Times

. Leaving the US was a little tough for us. We spent some amazing times as a family trekking across many of the Mainland States. And we met some amazing people who became eternal friends. It’s no surprise that we were a little sad to leave to come home.

But let me back up […]

Christmas at The Carlson’s

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The Perfect Christmas Gift is…….


I know we all have friends but the definition of friendship has taken on a new meaning for us this year.

When you leave home and everything you know and move half way across the world to a country where you know 3 people, friendship takes on a whole new meaning.

Here are some […]

The Perfect Christmas Gift

I know, I know, its not even Christmas Day yet and I am talking about presents but I have had the best Christmas gift given to me!

You know every year I rack my brain trying to come up with the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone. My primary love laungage is gift giving so its […]


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The Christmas Tree

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Gingerbread Houses

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What Matters the Most

When we left New Zealand in February this year we were pretty excited and yet sad at the same time. While we were leaving on our “Adventure” there was definitely a sadness at the people we were leaving behind.

Now we are at the end of stage one and heading off again; the suitcases […]

Hamburgers and Kick Ball

On Monday Mum went out with her friend for the day. We did school work in the morning. After that we went and had our free lunch. Then I stayed outside with Wyatt and played soccer. When it was 3.00 the mobile recreation unit sports programme started. We played hockey and capture the flag. They […]

An American Week

On Tuesday I went to Morgans house for the whole day and a sleepover. First we played with “Dot” a west highland terrier. He was so small compared to Biscuit (Morgans Dog) Then we played on her nintendo ds. We played a puppy game.