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An American Tradition

This week was the week of Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day we went to the Wassons house. They are our friends from Church. We stayed there for some drinks. I played with Elizabeth and Bella. We played on their swingset and their electric jeep.

Then we went round to Ms DJ’s and Mr Ed’s house. They […]

Showing them the Ropes

Seeings I am the only true American in the family I thought I would teach them what Thanksgiving is all about and how we do it in my Homeland! All the Strongs were really excited about having Thanksgiving in America and from a locals perspective…..they did it well! We started off late morning and went […]

Dog-Gone Lucky

I am one lucky Puppy! Not many puppies get to travel the world with their Best Friend. Jackson and I have been inseparable since we first met so that meant I go to go to Europe with him. I had never left the USA before so this was a big trip for me. I have […]

Birthday Time!

I had the coolest birthday! First we opened all my cards. I got heaps of them. I got a Danish soccer uniform and a new hoodie from Mum & Dad and a 39 clues book from Grace. I got some Birthday money which I am saving up to buy some lego. Next we went to […]

Oh My Guinness!


Finally in Florida!

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We are now in Florida

We are now in Destin, Florida and staying with the Ponders. There is their Mum and their Dad and Preston who is 14, Casey who is 12 and Grace who is 4. On Sunday we went to Big Kahuna which is the water park in Destin. The first ride I went on was the Honolulu […]

Washington, DC

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On the Road again!

WOW! Where do I even begin to start! We have had the most amazing few weeks ever. I feel like we left Boise 6 months ago and some of the sights we have seen and some of the things we have done have just been SO amazing! Theres just no way to tell you everything […]

Wildlife in Yellowstone

Yellowstone is cool! We have seen some cool animals. I spotted a Black Bear and her 2 cubs. Mum said she would give $10.00 to the 1st person to spot a real bear and I got the money! Down the road, Mum spotted a Grizzly Bear. We also saw Elk, Bison, Chipmunks, Deer and Mountain […]